Creative communication

We've worked with some amazing people in our time, including Shmee150, the biggest automotive & lifestyle vlogger on the planet. We brought his chosen social media feeds together, so his fans no longer need to switch between apps to view his content.

Here's what we've done for Shmee150...

Social Feed

This is Shmee150's social feed taken from Facebook. As new content is posted the app will update immediately. The user can like, post and share the content just the same as on Facebook.

Video Channel

This is Shmee150's video channel taken from YouTube. Again, as new content is uploaded the app will update immediately. The videos can be played within the app and shared.

Picture Gallery

Shmee150 requested a picture gallery with his choice of custom images incorporated into his app. The user can save these photos to their device.

Audio Clips

As requested we included audio clips chosen by Shmee150, with the option to listen in-app or download.


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